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Homelessness affects manyThe Homeless Coalition’s emergency shelter is the only one of its kind in our community. Safe and supervised, the shelter allows clients to stay up to 30 days. In addition to serving single men and women, and trying to keep families intact, the shelter also has 20 beds for Veterans in support of the national initiative to End Veteran Homelessness.

Since opening more than eight years ago, the shelter has served nearly 4,000 homeless individuals and families, with an amazing percentage of those residents going on to stable permanent housing. The shelter’s services include intensive case management by professionals that helps residents obtain necessary documents; assistance with employment opportunities, resume and job interview skills; determining eligibility for benefits and services; and a host of other needs. The emergency shelter offers these programs and services to clients not only while they are residents, but also after they have transitioned into permanent housing.

Over the past year, the shelter has been home to more than 500 residents, 125 of whom were children under the age of 18. More than 90 percent of families and 81 percent of individuals who leave the shelter go on to permanent housing and do not become homeless again.


Alleviate and prevent hunger and homelessness.


A community free of hunger and homelessness.