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Get Help with Rent & Utilitites

At the Homeless Coalition, we strive to alleviate homelessness before it occurs. We do this through the hard work and dedication of our prevention caseworkers and support from the United Way of Charlotte County, Season of Sharing and the Department of Children and Families Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF) Homeless Prevention Funds.

Too often, one event, such as an illness or temporary loss of income, can cause a trickle of events that can lead families into crisis and put them at risk of becoming homeless. In the past year, the Homeless Coalition has assisted more than 800 people with past due rents, mortgages and utilities payments by submitting funds directly to landlords, banks and utility companies. This has kept 370 children from becoming homeless. Prevention workers also assisted more than 400 people with transportation vouchers and 47 people with obtaining a birth certificate or photo identification in order to secure employment.

The Homeless Coalition aims to keep families and children housed before they become homeless. Prevention funding helps families and gives them an opportunity to stay on their feet.


Alleviate and prevent hunger and homelessness.


A community free of hunger and homelessness.